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My home has a few characteristics that make it possible to substantially reduce pollution and cost of living, and that also just feel good, and provide a strong sense of security and good karma:   Home south side2  

1. It has a highly effective SOLVIVA solar roof system, which serves as the furnace for heat and hot water (without over-heating the house in summer!). When the sun shines, the temperature of the air that flows through this double-layered metal roof rises to 120 degrees F in about 2-3 seconds. (I know it’s hard to believe!)In summer, top vents let the solar heat escape –  thus increasing whole-house cross-ventilation and preventing overheating.


And (perhaps even harder to believe) the power required to move all that hot air all the way down to and through the whole gravel mass in the foundation –  this immense amount of power is supplied 100% by our sun, shining on only one 7-sq.ft. PV panel, which instantly runs 7 fans which force this hot air down and through the storage mass, which absorbs the heat, and then, thus cooled, the air returns back to the roof. Round and around as long as the sun is shining.

The SOLVIVA work has shown that our necessary infrastructure can be so very much simpler, cleaner, less costly, more effective and reliable than what is normal today. And what has evolved at SOLVIVA over these past decades is only the beginning  –   just wait ’til the young’uns get ahold of this information! Guided and encouraged by good teachers and mentors, their brains will fly with inspiration.    And then –   full funding will be needed in order to transform Proposals for Good SolarGreen NearZeroHarm Projects into real projects –  fully constructed, occupied, functioning and documented by and for the community –  for instance a new wing or retrofit on a School or Community Center –  or a City Farm or Apartment House (check out my latest book). The lucky winners who will be nominated and invited to provide the funding part of This Good Work are those who are seeking to invest their excess money into “Projects that seem Good and Essential for All“, and who are willing to see an ROI of only 2-3% (way more than what banks offer!).  Halos worth more than Gold will be granted to those who provide the essential funding.

Home view

2. It has the least polluting, cleanest, easiest, lowest cost, most beautiful wastewater treatment systemthe best ever –  if I may say so myself, because I have never yet seen better. According to test data, these various Solviva Greenfilter systems (for both flush toilets and waterless compost toilets), cause 80-99% less pollution than septic systems required by State Regulations. And they cost 50-80% less. Witness my healthy pond ecosystem, across the pasture . 


3. It has a large indoor garden, which can produce magnificent flowers, vegetables and herbs year-round, and provides delicious air quality –  and nestled in the middle of this Garden of Eden is a deep old bathtub, for deep hot soaks, – without any furnace or fire even through -7F coldsnaps.

I even grew tomatoes indoors year-roundThey grew 4 years old, 30 feet long, and with me doing the bee-ing with a little brush, they bore the sweetest tomatoes. 

Home GH tomato vine02EdeyA-R1-E053

4.  And now I recommend a ChickenWing! –  with its own GardenLung airfilter system, which also produces sprouted seeds and grasses for the jolly contented chickens who live in this sumptuous luxury and security, and from whom we can get the most magnificent gifts of the best eggs, meat and manure compost, and also substantial amounts of heat (they produce 8 BTUs per hour per pound of live chicken! And egg-layers can be 8-10 pounds. These BTUs add up: 10 chickens @8 lbs = 80 lbs x 8 BTU/hr = 640 BTU x 24 hours = 15,360 BTUs –  say 19,000 BTUs to include the warmth from the deep bedding –  19,000 BTU x 0.3 watts/BTU= 5700 watts per 24 hours –  that’s equal to a 1000-watt heater on for 5.7 hours! ). Thus, because of the attached ChickenWing, the exterior north wall of your house would never go below 50F.        By comparison:  in a normal house, the exterior north wall is the same temperature as the air outside it, sometimes -7F.   You can imaging and calculate how much a ChickenWing could reduce your heating bill.    (You get my drift?)

Yes, we can have beauty, plenty and security and a restored Garden of Earth, and we can keep our gadgets and appliances and our cars, and even Flush Toilets –  yes, we can now stop buying the products from the corporations who rip and gouge deep into the crust and flesh of our planet and then burn these dark fuels with previously unknown ferocity, destroying as they go, profiting enormously as they sell us the products they tell us we must have in order to avoid freezing and starving in the dark.    ( I say: “We shall no longer be duped into believing their lies.”)

YES We Can! –  and both my books –  the first one: SOLVIVA –  and the second and newest one: GREEN LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL, show some of the many ways we can do it (and why!) –  and the latter book includes the SOLVIVA designs, drawn to scale and with hundreds of numbered descriptions.

List Price and Discount Schedule for Anna’s books, SOLVIVA and GREEN LIGHT:                       One copy: $35,  2-5 copies: 20% discount,  6 copies: 30%,  whole box of either book: 50% (whole box is 12 copies of GREEN LIGHT, or 20 Copies of  SOLVIVA).             Shipping is free within the United States –   beyond the US, please contact me at solvivagreen@gmail.com  –   or: (774) 563-0898.  Further discounts may be available.

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