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We have now arrived at a tipping point in our evolution, and we have to make a choice:  Which way do we want to go? Do we want to continue our current Hard Path, aptly named by Amory Lovins, powered by fossil and nuclear fuels and toxic chemicals? Or do we want to change to the Soft Path, powered by sun, wind, tides, waves and other everlasting processes? The first is expensive, destructive, unreliable, and offers us a bleak future of ever-worsening conditions. The second is far less costly and more reliable, and is sustainable for untold generations into the future, even with increasing human population.

Few are aware of the fact that we, today, have in fact evolved to the point that we can now live in ways that reduce the harm we currently cause by the way we power our lives, and we can do it in ways that do not require giving up what we love –  cars, hot hot water, meat, plastics –  we can even keep our normal flushtoilets!

Strong evidence has been emerging near and far, indicating that we can reduce that harm to Near-Zero, and that we can do this in ways that can reduce our cost of living, that are more reliable and secure, and are better for our health and our economy. Millions of new jobs will be created as our society gets up and does what needs to be done. This way we can perhaps improve the prospects for our coming generations –  which at this point look dismal. After all, it has long been the aspiation in most human societies to live in ways that will improve conditions for the coming generations.

“In Our Every Deliberation, We Must Consider the  Impact of Our Decisions on the Next Seven Generations.”       From the Great Law of the Iroquois Nation.

Within this website and both my books, there are shown some of the many truly amazing things we can do nowadays to improve the way we live and our prospects for the future. Our homes, food and cars can now become ever so much more civilized –  so much more civil, kind and considerate regarding the effect they have on other people, animals and ecosystems near and far, for now and for the future. We can now actually free ourselves from bondage to the Corporations “who” have been persuading us that “we must buy their oil, gas, coal, nuclear and toxic chemicals or else we will be trapped, freezing and starving in the dark”.

We can now actually do what I declare on the front and back cover of this my second book (see below), which, I am very happy to announce, finally came out in late 2013.  You can order it right on this website, and pay with PayPal.   I wish you happy reading, and deep understanding, hope and inspiration – and then I wish you the will, strength and courage to stand up and do what you feel is the good, best and right thing to do. If some of us do this, then more will do it, and then most will do, and thus it will soon become the norm, and thus our Beloved Planet will have a chance to recover from the ravages of Man.  May so be it.

You may contribute to this Blog –  I may add your thoughts, comments, ideas, recommendations and suggestions for links, that may arise while exploring this site. I will do my best to make time to respond, though sometimes the best I can do is woefully inadequate. I apologize in advance for the many such times that there are and always will be.                         May the Joy of Hope and Love be with you and yours and everyone  –   –    –   –   –   –   –   –   –   –   Anna Edey,  Solviva Farm,  early 2014.

GreenLight Front Cover3

GreenLight Back Cover2

One copy of SOLVIVA or Green Light: $35 and free shipping.

Discount Rates for SOLVIVA:  2-5 copies: 20% discount,  5 copies: 30%,  box of 20 copies: 40%

Discount Rates for Green Light: 2-6 copies: 20%,  whole box of 12 copies: 40%                    Further discounts may be available.

One copy: $35 and free shipping.   Shipping costs for more than 1 copy is according to weight and distance.

For multiple copies, or for International please contact me at solvivagreen@gmail.com  –   or: (774) 563-0898                        100 Skiff Ave, Vineyard Haven, MA 02568            

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