How to Grow $500,000 on One Acre,
and Peace on Earth

Learning the Art of Living, with Solar-Dynamic Bio-Benign Design

Revealing the Facts
about How We Can Provide Electricity, Heating, Cooling, Transportation, Food, Solid Waste and Wastewater Management
in Ways that Reduce Pollution and Depletion by 80% or more,
and also Reduce Cost of Living and Improve Quality of Life.

by Anna Edey

Trailblazer Press 1998, ISBN 0-9662349-0-1.  224 pages, 155 color photographs + other illustrations.
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Table of Contents  ||  Introduction  ||  Some current realities   ||  A visit to Solviva
How I got on the path of seeking better ways to live... ||  Wastewater Management
Greyburg or Greendale: where would you rather live?

This book is about my journey and committment to learning to live sustainably and in harmony with life on Earth. Since 1976, I have been developing and living with methods for heating, cooling, food production and wastewater management that cause some 80-90% less harm than the conventional fossil-fueled and toxic methods that are prevalent in current modern society. I call these methods Solviva Solar-Dynamic Bio-Benign Design because they are solar-powered and good for Life.

The results of my various experiments and methods have again and again exceeded my highest hopes and expectations. For example, the Solviva solar greenhouse, built in 1983, proved capable of producing 1600 servings weekly of the highest quality organic salad greens, herbs and edible flowers - that's 5 servings a week for 256 people - without any heating fuel, cooling fans or toxic pesticides. Another example: the Solviva roof is capable of heating air to 120 degrees F air even on sub-zero days, while at the same time heating the water in the pool as effectively as the 5500-watt electric heater that came with the pool. A third example: the Solviva Bio-Carbon filter, a natural system that combines wood chips, plants, redworms and other beneficial organisms, and has proven capable of reducing by 80-90% the leaching of nitrogen into the groundwater and aquatic ecosystems.

This book describes the exciting trials and triumphs of my journey, and offers convincing proof that, with today's available technology and knowledge, we can live in ways that reduce pollution and depletion of resources by 80% or more, and that at the same time reduce cost of living and improve security and quality of life, in urban or rural locations anywhere on Earth. The book contains 224 pages, with 155 color illustrations, and many detailed instructions and recommendations to help others along their journeys toward living sustainably.

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Table of Contents
Some current realities
A visit to Solviva
How I got on the path of seeking better ways to live...
Wastewater Management
Greyburg or Greendale: where would you rather live?


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