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Comments about SOLVIVA and Anna

"The beauty of Anna Edey's work opens up people's hearts and minds to many alternatives which they have not previously considered or even imagined possible." - Robert Sardinsky, Rising Sun Enterprises

"Solviva design fascinates people because it's both economically and ecologically efficient. This combinations renders pointless and obsolete the traditional battle pitting economic development against ecologic preservation. Solviva designs works, whatever criteria used to evaluate it."

- Andrew Rodwin

"Your book SOLVIVA is magnificent! I am always pleased to see someone carrying on good and true environmental and "right living" work. You're one of the best!"

John Shuttleworth, founder of Mother Earth News

"This exciting book is the most talked-about guide to green living in print, and battered copies turn up at every organic farm and greenhouse I enter. The SOLVIVA solutions to common problems are elegant, simple and incredibly efficient, as well as exceptionally sound. Anybody who dreams of living a simpler, happier, less environmentally costly life must read this book. Joyful rather than didactic, direct rather than theoretical, it combines the distilled wisdom and experience of a lifetime into one enchanting book. Green gardeners will not be able to put it down" - Ann Lovejoy

"Every time I look through the SOLVIVA book, I feel so inspired to make changes to our lifestyle. I've probably read through almost every single book there is on solar design and solar energy, and ther isn't one them that brings such sense of "right living" along with such common sense stuff as this book." - Karen De Young

"I just finished SOLVIVA and I want to commend you on all the amazing work you have done. It's enlightening to learn that so much can be accomplished with such a down-to-earth approach. Thank you! Thank you for taking the time and effort to go beyond conventional thinking to device such simple and elegant solutions to such pervasive modern-day problems." - Tom Hawley

"The SOLVIVA book is intensely inspiring!" - Jeff Spicer

"I just picked up SOLVIVA yesterday, and could not bring myself to put it down until it was finished. INCREDIBLE BOOK!! I cannot begin to describe the comfort you have provided." - Douglas Sheffer

"Your SOLVIVA greenhouse designs exemplify the epidome of all that is intelligent, sensitive and progressive in alternative energy-efficient greenhouse architecture." - Kris and Steve Crimi

"For anyone wanting to be part of the change we need for humankind to survive and THRIVE, this book is required and most inspiring reading." - Michael Bachmann

"I was so impressed and excited during and after reading SOLVIVA. I showed everyone I knew, and they were also excited. It's wonderful to know that everyone can live in a way that is both fruitful, peaceful and self-sufficient. - Lara Crestone

"SOLVIVA is well-organized, remarkable and very informative book."- Harald Johnson

"We read your book and absolutely loved it. It's a real inspiration. Thank you."

- Sandy and Bill Hartzell

"Thank you so much for writing such a wonderful and needed book.I can't tell you how much it has touched us and everyone else we've loaned it to!" - Cori Young

"What a beautiful book ... couldn't put it down .. what I have longed for since the 70s. If I could take only one book into the new millenium, it would be SOLVIVA." - Soaring Hawk

"Thank you for your beautiful, warm, hopeful, helpful, interesting, complete, responsive, peaceful and creative book." - Judi and Lou Friedman

"Your book is truly one of the best things I've come across in years. Thanks for being a bold spirit and inspiring pioneer." - Mary Bryant

"Thanks so much for writing such a wonderful book, and for helping us all move along toward a self-sufficient lifestile. You have made a major contribution to the world." - Michael Skowronski

"Most wonderful book I've ever read. It has changed my life." - Max Meyers

"A dear friend ecstatically lent me SOLVIVA. Pure amazement at what you have done!"

- Genevieve Lawler

"Thanks for your wonderful example. I have read through your book SOLVIVA, and it is right on the mark, 5 stars, 100%." - Warren Gyst

"I just finished SOLVIVA. It's outstanding. Your are a genius! I can now see how the principles work. I never would have believed it could work to the amazing degree that you have been able to achieve."

- Herb Kincaid

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1 Comment

Apr 29

I'm so much more than just amazed at your proven ideas, Anna. I hope that sanity will become contagious in epidemic proportions. I'm addicted to building.. and you've really re-kindled my desires. Thank you for sharing your process and knowledge in your books and life, it is truly a gift in a world that needs a party. Sign this Guest as Betty Martin Wlodyka .... I didn't know I could " join" but I will!

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