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Lincoln said: “America is the Last Best Hope for mankind.”                                                                                   I say: “Let’s act like we believe it.”

Creating this book has taken a decade of agony and ecstasy, but now it has finally been born, and I am immensely grateful. I ask: How is it possible that so many books have been written??  Writing a book must  be one of the most harmful activities we can choose, for both body and mind. But,  if we do have information or stories that we feel are important for the fate of humanity and all other life forms, then we must present it in one way or other,  doing our very best to do it in ways that inspire us to learn,  to understand our options,  and to then get up to do what we each feel is the best to do,  best for ourselves,  and for everyone and everything,  near and far,  for now and for many generations to come.

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